Be creative, send an eternal flower tip jar!

We’ve gotten an order to send a greeting for a friend’s new opening food stand. How to make something functional and pretty at the same time? how about an eternal flower tipping jar.

Send something functional !

it’s always a headache to pick a gift for a friend when they are opening a new store. Usually people send flowers, but come on, be more creative, you don’t want to be just like anyone else. Fresh flower is OK, they are pretty and smell good, however, think about after a week or so, your gift will become a bug trapping garbage and your dear friends will need to clean it up after it, and eventually your gift got to threw away with sadness.
There is ways a solution if you try to be creative. We have a customized order for a gift to someone just opening a small food stand. to combine a flower gift to congratulate a new store been opened, an eternal flower tipping jar might be a great gift idea.